22 September
Léopold Park

Captation Tools

Captation tools: 

  • European postcards:

Postcards for Europe: share your ideas about the future of the EU!

1- You can use ropes and clothespin to hang postcards to share your views on the EU.

2- Find existing postcards to see what other fellow European think and share with you!

Where? At the second entrance, next to the lake.

  • Timeline frame:

Give us ideas for the future of JUBEL in an innovative way.  Take a picture with the JUBEL frame behind you and write down your suggestions/ideas for next years’ edition of the Festival (activities, animations, proposals, supports, …)!

  • EU achievements: 

You will be asked to select the 5 most important achievements of the EU in your view out of 20 proposals.

Then, use paper balls from different colors (according to your age categorie) to cast your vote in the relevant glass jars (5 achievement jars).

A list of achievements will be provided to the participants to facilitate the exercise.

  • Interactive Maps: 

Identify yourself on the map and tell us where you are coming from thanks to the available pins…

Where? In the tent of the Committee of the Regions and European Economic and Social Committee!

  • European library:

Imagine your favorite European film, podcast, artist… share it with us and materialize it in order to build up together a European library.

  • Discussion culture in the EU:

Participants will be asked to give their opinion on the state of the discussion culture in Europe. You will be able to share your feelings on specific topics by connecting words on a board. You will be doing so by using a thread as a tool to materialize your opinion.

  • Interactive area: 

Join the Democratic Society to talk about citizen consultations!

Through interactive activities, this space will explore and capture:

  • Your hopes, concerns and expectations for Europe
  • The messages you want to share with people across Europe
  • The issues you want to discuss with European decision makers – and how.

Bring your creativity and express your views in different formats!

This area draws inspiration from the ongoing Europe-wide consultation on the Future of Europe. Find out more: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/future-europe/consultation-future-europe_en

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