22 September
Léopold Park


*Funfacts about Europe by Why Europe

*European Comics – Reanimate Europe by Friedrich Naumann Foundation

Being a truly European project, FNF so far had the opportunity of showing the comic exhibitions to about 60.000 people, in various European countries and at very diverse occasions: at the Leipzig book fair in Germany, the European Youth Event at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, Belgium, and at the Brussels Comic Festival, just to name a few.

More about it by clicking here. 

*Democracy Festivals in Europe through pictures and feedbacks by JUBEL team

*Exhibition Tour on democracy by House of European History

More information: https://historia-europa.ep.eu/en

Is democracy a fixed part of our heritage or something that is always evolving? An Athenian 5th-century-BCE ballot selecting Themistocles for exile, campaign material for the Polish semi-free elections organised in June 1989 by Solidarność: let ancient and recent objects of the House of European History permanent exhibition tell you about the struggles of European peoples in the 19th and 20th century to gain and regain their right to political self-determination.

  • 45-minutes guided tours ‘History of democracy’
  • 2 sessions: 14.30 and 16.00
  • Starting point: House of European History entrance area
  • Language: English

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