22 September
Léopold Park


*European prospective games (JRC) by Joint Research Center European Commission

JRC Scenario Exploration System – 2030 migration version

Starting at 11h-14h (1st session) and 16h-19h (2nd session)

The  Scenario  Exploration  System (SES)  is a tool to  enable participants  to stimulate their  possible paths towards  the future  in relation  to an issue of  their choice around  an exploration  board. It operates  as a board game. The  purpose  of the Scenario  Exploration System  is to have experience and  act through plausible  alternative futures,  by thinking  and conversing  outside of their  usual frame of  reference.  The aim is  not to play a  game and win, but  rather to  promote  a constructive  conversation amongst  key actors,  and  to promote  integrated long-term  thinking in a spirit  of collaboration.

On the topic of migration: 

Scenario 1: Crisis with collaboration  +  Scenario 3: Slow growth and fragmentation


Scenario 2: Inclusive Growth +  Scenario 4: Shocks, inequality and control

Registration (Maximum 15/session): https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/LLMMR8C


*Goose game by JEF Europe

*Map game by JEF Europe

*Kid’s Corner

*Europe in 4 Corners 

Europe in 4 corners is an interactive group discussion on the past, present and future of Europe. Guided by a moderator, you will have the chance to share your views on questions such as “What bothers me the most in the EU?”, “Where do I see the EU borders in 2040?”. To answer those questions, you will have to choose one of the four proposed answers and physically position yourself in the corresponing corner. There is no right or wrong answer but be ready to defend your position!

L’Europe en 4 coins est une discussion de groupe interactive sur le passé, le présent et l’avenir de l’Europe. Guidé(e) par un(e) modérateur(trice), tu auras l’opportunité de partager ton avis sur des questions telles que “Qu’est-ce qui me dérange le plus au sein de l’UE?” ou encore “Où se situeront les frontières de l’UE en 2040 ?”. Afin de répondre à ces questions, tu devras choisir une des quatre réponses proposées et te placer physiquement dans le coin correspondant. Il n’y pas de réponse juste ou fausse mais prépare-toi à défendre et argumenter ton choix!

… and much more …

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