22 September, 16 h 00
Workshop Tent

Future of Citizens’ Consultations (EN)

Presented by Kelly McBride (Head of European Networks & Strategy at Democratic Society)

This workshop will be a space to discuss how people across the European Union can be active participants in influencing, making and shaping decisions that affect their lives that are made at the European level.

We’ll reflect on  consultations, Citizens’ Dialogues, the European Citizens’ Initiative and more.

Through group discussion and a carousel format, we’ll explore questions including:

  • Why does Europe need dialogue and consultation?
  • What different formats could dialogue and consultation take?
  • What could a multi-level European policy conversation look like?
  • How do we connect conversations across borders?
  • How can European institutions co-create solutions with people across Europe?
  • How can we ensure that our European institutions are open and welcoming of participation?

We will also reveal some results from the interactive activities on the Future of Europe held at the European Circuit earlier in the day.

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